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It was compared to Moby Dick! I am deeply humbled! This review appeared on the US Amazon last night and the reader gave it 5 stars… — a perfect bookend to the 5 stars on UK amazon!

Anyhoo… here’s the links:

US (where it’s $1.60)

UK: (where it’s £1.01)

Germany (where it’s EUR 1,26)

France: (where it’s EUR 1,26)

Spain (where it’s EUR 1.26)

Obv all prices change according to currency jumps and fluctuations…

looking at it…I’m gonna change the Leatherback font… hm



Margarethe has been “exiled” to Lloegran Traeth (Welsh for Moonlight Beach) maybe to get her head together, maybe to think about what she’s done; for whatever reason she was there, she didn’t expect a leatherback turtle to arrive on shore, make a hidden nest of eggs in the sand, and leave back into the vast blue sea. Now Margarethe has a purpose – to make Lloegran Traeth the best beach she can for a turtle nesting site. It’s a pity no authorities or people believe that a turtle would make a nest in Wales! After many recollections of her past, glasses of rum and hallucinations later, her Welsh holiday has certainly not been a peaceful one.

UK: (only £1.01)

US: (Only $1.62)

I think this will be it… I think… taking feedback tho if you want….

the pic is meant to reflect Margarethe’s inner state…. lol…


there’s room for a quote on the bottom too

UK: (only £1.01)

US: (Only $1.62)