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Last time I checked it was £1.04 in UK, $1.60 in US and 1.20 in Euros…

…  all in English too… not that clever 😉


Margarethe has been “left” in Lloegran Traeth (Welsh for Moonlight Beach) maybe to get her head together, maybe to think about what she’s done, for whatever reason she was there, she didn’t expect a leatherback turtle to arrive on shore, make a hidden nest of eggs in the sand, and leave back into the vast blue sea.

Now Margarethe has a purpose – the make Lloegran Traeth the best beach she can for a turtle nesting site. It’s a pity no authorities or people believe that a turtle would make a nest in Wales!

After many recollections of her past, glasses of rum and hallucinations later, her Welsh holiday has certainly not been a peaceful one!!!

at the moment I’m turning my manuscript of Leatherback into an Ebook… it will become available for all devices in the UK AND US…. I have to think of a way to describe it to people too…

at the moment all I can think of is:

well, it’s not terrible…